MASSIVE Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide — All the Biggest Brands & Models

Image Courtesy BLM.

Here it is, in alphabetical order: a complete list featuring ALL of the most significant, major electric bike (ebike) brands with links to landing pages, reviews, and more. So, scroll through the list, find the brands you want to learn more about, and click through to their landing page for a complete breakdown of available models, CleanTechnica reviews, and more. Check it out!

Oh — and, if we forgot one of your favorite ebike builders, we didn’t mean it! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know using this Contact Us link. Thanks!



Image courtesy Ariel Rider.

Lots of great ebike brands start with the letter “A”, and we’ve covered a few on CleanTechnica already — like the ultra-high-end Akhal, powerful Ariel Rider, fat-tired Aventon, and even a camo-covered Addmotor eMTB that certainly gets an “A” for effort.


Bavarian Electric Cycle
Image courtesy Bavarian Electric Cycles.

Beginning with the letter “B,” we have everything from the ultra-compact Brompton folding bike to the practical Blix and on to the incredible, hand-built artisanship of Bavarian Electric Cycles. You’ll “B” sure find an ebike here you like.


Cannondale Mavaro ebike
Image courtesy Cannondale.

You’ll feel Charged up with these bike brands that begin with the letter “C.” Cannondale and Colnago are well-known names in cycling, of course, but you’ll also find some offbeat emobility fun in the CityQ quadricycle and Catrike recumbent. Explore them all, and you’re sure to find an ebike you can really “C” yourself on.


Ducati eMTB electric bike
Image courtesy Ducati.

Looking over the ebike brands that start with the letter “D,” it’s hard for Italian superbike maker Ducati to not stand out — their racy red rocketship of an e-MTB shows they know how to go fast on just about anything with two wheels, but they’re not the only “D”-lightful bike maker out there. Check out the full list below, and be sure to read Kyle Field’s full review of the Detroit E-Sparrow while you’re at it!


elby mobility ebike
Image courtesy Elby.

Electric bike brands beginning with the letter “E” certainly like to tie into the “EV” association. From e-Cells to e-JOE and EVelo to EVO, a lot of the marketers seem to have the same idea, but that doesn’t mean they’re not great bikes! We’ve tested the e-JOE ONYX, spent our own money on an Electra Townie Go!, and even gone surfing with an Espin. Cruise through the list below, and see if any of these ebike brands find a way to “E”-ase into your heart.


Image courtesy FLYER.

This list of electric bicycle brands that start with “F” include feeling like a kid again on the FLYER brand ebikes by Radio Flyer, targeted at the parents of wagon-riding kids. It also includes fold-up fun from Fiido and “F”-ing fast Fuell bikes, too. Check them out!


Image courtesy GT.

The “G” bike list contains some CleanTechnica favorites like Gazelle and Gogoro. Even the two-wheeled tech company Greyp, as well as well-known industry giants like, well — Giant! — are here. Take some time to explore the list, and see if any of these high-tech bike builders make you say, “Oh, ‘G’ — I’d like to buy that!”


HUCK Cycles ebike
Image courtesy HUCK Cycles.

Lots of great ebike options begin with the letter “H,” with plenty of well-known brands like Head and Huffy as well as new favorites like Himiway and Haoqi. And, while you’re here, don’t forget to check out the handcrafted HUCK Cycles — they’re definitely fast enough to scare the “H” out of most riders!


idworx ebike touring bike
Image courtesy idworx.

We’ve made our way to the electrified bike brands starting with the letter “I,” and I am struggling to coming up with clever puns for this one. Luckily, the bikes are solid enough to move us forward on their own!


Juiced HyperScrambler 2 E-Bike
Juiced HyperScrambler by Kyle Field, CleanTechnica.

We’ve reviewed several of the bikes on the “J” list, but the most influential of these is easily the Jeep e-MTB that debuted in a first-of-its-kind Super Bowl ad a few years ago. As exciting as that was, there’s plenty of other good stuff here too — don’t miss the Juiced Bikes RipRacer, Scorpion, or “insane” 38.4 Ah HyperScrambler 2!


Kona eMTB off road ebike
Image courtesy Kona.

The list of “K” bikes is anchored by KTM — a brand well known for their top-shelf, off-road motorcycles that recently added powerful ebikes to its portfolio. Kent is well known, too, for offering inexpensive bikes, while Kona brings more than three decades of MTB know-how to the electrified game. Explore them all!


lemond electric bike
Image courtesy LeMond.

Memestock and alt-coin traders love to ask two questions: “When Lambo?” and “When moon?” Well, both Lamborghini and Luna (Spanish for “moon”) can be found in the list of ebike brands beginning with the letter “L,” and there is a whole world in between. Note: that’s a “LeMond” joke. A clever one (click here if you don’t speak French).


mod-bikes mod easy sidecar
Image courtesy Mod-Bikes.

Mercedes-Benz has dominated Formula 1 racing for the better part of a decade, and it recently won the all-electric Formula E racing series as well. As such, it’s a standout in this list of “M” ebike brands, but it’s not the only big name. Mastretta has a sporty car heritage as well, and Mod Bikes does a great job instilling a hot rod spirit into every two-wheeler it sells. Check out the full list and you’re sure to find a bike that’s Mmmm-“M” good!


NIU EUB-01 commuter bike
Image courtesy NIU.

Though best known for its all-electric, Vespa-style scooters and mopeds, NIU recently entered the ebike market in a big way. Its focus is a high-end commuter that’s built to deliver the same level of day-to-day reliability as a car. It’s a standout on the “N” list of bike brands, but these all have a unique take on their A-to-B mission. Give them a chance and see if any of them sends your lust-o-meter to the “N”-th degree!


OHM electric bike
Image courtesy OHM.

Orbea is probably the most well known and historic brand of ebikes beginning with “O,” but that doesn’t mean you should count the rest out. ONYX makes a very powerful ebike that rides the knife-edge of bike and motorcycle with incredible attention to detail, and Omnium’s cargo bikes make getting stuff delivered in your city a breeze. Looking for something really different? You’ve never seen anything like the Outrider e-trike. Check them out and see if one of them makes you say, “O — I want it!”


pivot shuttle emtb
Image courtesy Pivot Cycles.

Porsche might be the biggest name in the list of electric bike-builders starting with the letter “P,” but Pedego, Pinarello, and Puch have long, storied histories of their own, as well. Don’t be afraid of the high prices at Pivot, either — quality never comes cheap, and you won’t find a longer list of high-end components anywhere.


Qualisports ebike folding bike
Image courtesy Qualisports.

If you have a thing for the letter “Q,” Qualisports has you covered with a line of sturdy, lightweight folders that make commuting and trail riding a breeze. You may only have one choice, but it seems like it might be a good one.


Rad Power Wagon eBike
Image courtesy Rad Power Bikes.

We find ourselves weirdly familiar with the “R” list of ebike brands, largely because we have a lot of first hand experience with Rad Power’s cargo and street bikes, got a chance to check out Radio Flyer’s prototype bikes, and have even reviewed a few of Ride1Up’s excellent electrics. There’s plenty of great options here, and you don’t even need to be a pirate to get excited about the “ARRRRRRR!” list! (sorry)


Serial 1 Mosh CITY
Image courtesy Serial 1.

There’s a long list of bike builders starting with the letter “S,” with lots of great choices in there, from the f**k-me red Specialized road bikes and gold-plated Surface604s to the super clean, Harley-Davidson inspired Serial 1, to the forward-looking Sondors and California Cool Super73s. Heck, you’ve probably even owned a Schwinn or two, yourself!


Image courtesy Trek.

The “T” list features industry pioneers Trek, as well as the awesomely named TurboAnt, which has a bit of a 90s, “Sega Genesis” feel to it, doesn’t it? Check out the full list, and see if any of these bike makers have your wish list down to a “T.”


Image courtesy Urban Arrow.

Whether you’re toting your kids and pets around town or delivering for work, Urban Arrow offers some top-shelf cargo bikes at a premium (but worth it) price. If you want something a little more person, and a lot more flashy, check out the Urwahn x MCM. Billed as the world’s “first luxury commuter,” it definitely won’t blend into the crowd!


Vvolt ebike
Image courtesy Vvolt.

The list of ebike brands starting with “V” is very nice, featuring “V” Twin-inspired styling and hand-crafted execution from Vintage Electric and the thoughtful, city-specific design language of VanMoof, and lots more. Check it out for yourself.


Image courtesy Wicked Thumb.

If you’re looking for something with a little bit “more,” the guys at Wicked Thumb are ready to breathe some Indian Larry/Rat Rod love into your ebike experience. On the other end of the spectrum, the people at Whyte Bikes have been building top-shelf MTBs for years, and they just keep getting better. There’s plenty of great bikes in the “W” list — enjoy!


Xion CyberX Bike
Image courtesy Xion.

The list of “X” named ebikes is pretty short, but it might be the wildest list of all thanks to the inclusion of the 50 mph, retro-futuristic Xion CyberBike. This one’s not for shy cyclists — trust me, people, gawk!


Yamaha Power Assist eBike
Image courtesy Yamaha.

Yamaha builds everything from keyboards to Formula 1 engines, so there should be no surprise in finding it here on the list of ebike brands beginning with “Y.” … “Y” don’t you check them out and see if they’ve got something for you?


ZuGo Bike at Electrify Expo Miami
Image courtesy ZuGo Bike.

You made it all the way to the “Z” list — well done! You’re either really indecisive, a huge fan of Burning Man and Shark Tank, or you’re just super thorough when it comes to your ebike buying research. No matter, you’ll find something worth exploring.


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