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7 New Tesla Software Updates Show Why Owners Love ❤️ Tesla

June 30th, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan

There are many things about Tesla ownership that are different from conventional car ownership, and even different from ownership of other electric cars. However, I think one is both particularly special and also hard to convey effectively to non-owners

The Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor Is Like An X-Ray For Your Home Electrical System — CleanTechnica Review

June 21st, 2020 | by Kyle Field

After the climate change-fueled wildfire season of 2017 gobbled up our home, we rebuilt our home the right way, with rooftop solar, energy storage, and no fossil fuels piped to the house. For our new fully electric home, I was eager to understand what appliances were energy hogs and by how much. Having just talked with Sense CEO Mike Phillips about their solution, a review was the obvious next step and it was right on time

Tesla Powerwall Saves The Day In SCE Power Outage

June 16th, 2020 | by Kyle Field

Our local utility notified us that a power outage with an 8-hour outage window spanning from 9am to 5pm was scheduled for June 3rd. For most people, in a non-pandemic world, that would not be a problem. People are normally at work during the day, so the outage passes by unnoticed

Tesla Model Y Review From Owner Of Full Tesla S-3-X-Y Lineup

June 14th, 2020 | by Winter Wilson

In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, CleanTechnica CEO Zach Shahan sits down with Roger Pressman, cofounder of EV Annex, to discuss his review of Tesla’s Model Y and his work at EV Annex. Roger owned one of the earliest Model S sedans, a Model X, and a Model

Volvo 240 vs Tesla Model 3 — The Ultimate Daily Drivers Of Past & Present

June 13th, 2020 | by Jesper Berggreen

When I placed my reservation for the Tesla Model 3 back in April 2016, I had not imagined I would have to wait that long for the car. During the wait, after having leased a few other EVs, I happened to buy an old bricked (as in, dead engine) and brick-shaped Volvo 240 out of sheer desperation. The idea was to ditch the internal combustion engine that had stalled back in 2012 due to a faulty thermostat and left to rot, and replace it with a nice electric kit

My First Impressions Of Driving A Tesla Model Y

May 30th, 2020 | by Paul Fosse

A year ago, I didn't know much about crossovers, so I researched them and wrote an article about why they are so popular. Today, I finally got to drive a Tesla Model Y at the Tampa Delivery Center

My Tesla Model 3 Got A Boo Boo, Part Deux: An “Exotic” Experience

May 9th, 2020 | by Paul Fosse

About a month ago I wrote an article about how my wife accidentally backed our Tesla Model 3 into our home's garage door. In that article, it looked like the repair was going to be fast and reasonable in price, similar to repairs I've done to Honda and Toyota cars I've owned in the past

10 Things It Would Be Awesome To Have In The Tesla Model 3

April 26th, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan

It is well known that I love my Tesla Model 3, like practically every other Model 3 owner on the planet. Last month, following the news that Consumer Reports found Tesla owners were happier with their cars than any other vehicle owners in the US, I listed 70 reasons why the Model 3 is loved so much. That doesn't mean it's perfect, of course. Here are 10 things I'd like to see improved in the Model

Tesla Model 3 Sunshades — CleanTechnica Review

April 19th, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan

I recently received a set of Tesla Model 3 sunshades/heatshields from EV Annex to review. I thought I was just getting a front and back sunshade/heatshield, but it turns out they provide the full Iron Man body armor for every little window in the car. So, if you really want to block out the sun (and the view), EV Annex has you covered (bad pun, I know)

The Apollo Light Electric Scooter Brings Premium Features At An Affordable Pricepoint

April 16th, 2020 | by Kyle Field

The folks at Apollo Scooters reached out to us about their new line of premium electric scooters. So many electric scooters these days are built as cheaply as possible and if they break, are doomed to be thrown away. Apollo Scooters are being billed as more durable, higher quality builds, thanks to their vertical integration of manufacturing, service, and sales

Road Trippin’ In The Audi e-tron

April 13th, 2020 | by Jose Pontes

September 2015 will go on record in Volkswagen Group (VAG) history for two apparently unrelated events. Those events signaled a significant change of direction that now allows Volkswagen Group to be the most promising legacy OEM when it comes to electromobility

Tesla Model Y Compared To Tesla Model S

April 12th, 2020 | by Paul Fosse

Most people think of comparing the Model Y to either a Model 3 (which it was derived from) or a Model X (Tesla's first SUV), but I thought it would be interesting to compare it to the original "designed from the ground up" Model

Tesla Model 3 Towing Capability Added Courtesy EcoHitch

April 11th, 2020 | by Kyle Field

The Tesla Model 3 is an amazing vehicle, but it comes up a little short when it comes to hauling around lots of gear. Specifically, bikes. Our pals over at EVAnnex reached out to us about reviewing the EcoHitch for the Tesla Model 3. We jumped in with both feet. Our task: install and test the EcoHitch and the Undercover adapter

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