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Electric Vehicle Charging

EV Charging Basics

Electric vehicles will play a key role in ushering in a more sustainable future, and their continued adoption will rely on making the transition to electric a safe, reliable and cost-effective experience. But driving an EV isn’t like driving a traditional gas vehicle, and for any drivers looking to purchase the former, it’ll be important to understand the nuances of charging on the move, whether it’s at home, at work, or along the curbside. Other common destinations for charging infrastructure include transit corridors, commercial real estate sites like shopping malls and big-box retailers, and even restaurants and coffee shops: anywhere a driver might spend enough time to rustle up a charge. (Continued below article links)


Charger Reliability Is The Next Challenge For The EV Industry

For those who are already electric vehicle (EV) owners, or you’re considering buying an EV, we understand the anxiety of EV charging access. Especially if you live in more remote areas, or you want to go for longer road trips, the stress and uncertainty of our current EV charging infrastructure is real. Read CleanTechnica writer Jennifer Sensiba’s personal experience and thoughts on EV charging reliability in this article.


Supporting “Garage Orphans” — EV Charging For Apartment Dwellers

Multi-unit dwelling (condos, apartment buildings, duplexes, etc.) residents who own EVs (or want to own EVs) understand the frequent frustration of their at-home charging experience. EV charging station scarcity and wait times are a real challenge and that’s IF your building even has charging stations. Check out this article that discusses the next steps in improving the EV charging options for multi-family buildings and complexes, and how policies, providers, and government decisions all play a role in improving the at-home charging experience for “garage orphans.” 

CoMotion Miami — FLO’s Nathan Yang Reiterates The Need For Reliable Design In EV Charging

A key factor in EV adoption is reliability of charging stations. Nathan Yang, Vice President and Chief Product Officer at FLO, a leading North American EV charging network and provider of smart charging solutions, gives insight into this issue via his keynote speech at CoMotion Miami. In terms of economic trends, understanding the shift from goods to services to experiences is crucial to the success of electronic mobility infrastructure. Read more about Yang’s take on the topic in this article.



While EV drivers can be certain to find a wide variety of chargers on-the-go, it’s true that most EV charging happens at home, often overnight. Because of this, one of the most important things we can do to ensure people transition to electric is to develop home charging stations that are durable and easy to use. You can find a breakdown of some of these stations, and their relevant features, here

Not all charging happens at home, though, and as EVs become increasingly common on North American roads, it’ll be important to develop a robust and reliable public charging infrastructure network that lets drivers feel secure in their ability to travel most anywhere they please. This charging network should feature Level 2 chargers, which are  slower and typically mounted on a pedestal, a wall or in certain cases, grafted directly into a city’s existing infrastructure, and DC Fast Charging stations which, depending on their size, can usually charge an EV in less than thirty minutes. You can read more about the different charging levels here

There are many charging solutions providers who design, manufacture and manage EV infrastructure in North America. We’ll be looking into some of these providers and their products in future articles, as well as looking at what makes for an enjoyable charging experience and how we can develop charging networks to best service the needs of today and tomorrow’s EV drivers. Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for more articles to come!


FLO’s Mission

Accelerate electric vehicle adoption by offering the best charging experience to its customers.


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