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  1. Lexei Schamroth-Green says:

    Hey I don’t know if you are the right people to ask but here goes..

    I am currently studying chemical engineering in the UK and will have a masters degree by the end of next year. I want to go into an environmental field but am unsure of what the options to me would be. I ideally want to study in europe somewhere but again am very unsure of where or what.

    Can you give any advice?

    • Bob_Wallace says:

      What do you enjoy? What interests you? What topics send you (voluntarily) seeking more information?

      Pay a lot of attention to what you like and what you don’t like. Once you launch yourself into a field and spend a few years there it’s going to be hard to move to another field. You’re likely to spend a few decades working and work will take up the majority of your waking time. Try to implant yourself someplace that makes you happy.

      Once you figure out what floats your boat then look for ways your education can be applied.

      • Lexei Schamroth-Green says:

        Ok this is good advice! I will start to take note of when i voluntarily seek more information!

        • Bob_Wallace says:

          Several years back when I was living on a sailboat I read an interview with a successful sailmaker. He said that when he graduated from college with a rather generic degree he spent some time thinking about what sort of work he wanted to do. He decided that sailmaking would be a job that brought him into contact with happy people. People who were looking for a new sail for their boat were likely to be people whose lives were in a good place. Unlike, for example, someone working with bankruptcies.

          I found that really interesting. I had recently retired at an early age from a profession that I simply did not enjoy. It never occurred to me early on to think about my work future and I simply followed opportunities which led me into a non-challenging career. I never asked myself what I wanted to be doing ten, twenty years later.

          You want to work in an environmental field. Inside a lab or out in the field? You want to work in energy, EVs (batteries), sustainable industrial feedstock, something else?

          I’d suggest spending some time thinking about what would make you happy. And then look for a role for a chemical engineer in that area.

  2. Mohsin Bin Latheef says:

    Hi there!

    I work with CIIE (www.ciieindia.org) – an Indian business incubator at IIM Ahmedabad. We have recently set up a $25 million cleantech-focused VC fund (www.infuseventures.in) here at the Centre and are about to make our very first investment announcement. How can we submit a press release to CleanTechnica? Is there an email address that we could use?



    • Bob_Wallace says:

      Top of the page in blue “contact Clean Technia…” or bottom of the page “Contact Us”.

      • Mohsin Bin Latheef says:

        I’ve seen them already (considering that I’m already on the ‘contact us’ page). Neither link features an email address, and hence the post.

        • Bob_Wallace says:

          Just tried the Contact Us at the bottom of the page. I got a page I’ve never seen before. An email address for Zach used to appear.

          I’ll contact him and see what’s up.

  3. Kit Temple says:


    This is a very friendly open way to talk to a website 🙂

    I just wanted to point your news editors to some analysis our solar market research team just came out with, showing the huge crash in actively operating PV manufacturers: http://www.enfsolar.com/news/Small-Chinese-Solar-Manufacturers-Decimated-in-2012

  4. Dimitar Mirchev says:


    Here is an article you would probably like to publish:

    Italian Solar Generation Surpasses Wind for First Time

    Renewables Now Meet One-Quarter of Italy’s Electricity Supply
    Solar Produces Nearly Twice Italy’s Famed Geothermal Power Plants

    Italy’s Per Capita Solar Five Times that of California


    More importantly:

    This may be the first time that a developed country has generated more electricity with solar PV than with wind energy.

    Which means that PV finally is catching up with Wind!!!

  5. Anne says:

    Hi there! I would like to know what website would be most helpful for the following info:

    Cleantech Competitions
    Sustainable Reference
    Sustainable or Cleantech events in CA, NY area.

    I’m Anne by the way. Your reference will be really appreciated.

  6. John says:

    I am a high school student from the U.S. and I read Cleantechnica almost everyday. I have written a short 7 paragraph article/speech (whatever you want to call it) that shows a projection for the future of humanity if no serious actions are taken now to stop and reverse climate change. Is there any way I could get someone to read it from Cleantechnica and if they consider it good enough, to post it on Cleantechnica? I’m not asking for a writing job or anything; I just think that this article could really have an impact on the people who read it. Again, this would be just a one-time thing. 

  7. Miko Hairapetian says:

    Hey again 🙂 

    I dont wanna  bother you but i would really appreciate if you could  maybe make an article about renewable energy in Armenia? both wind, hydro and especially solar?? it is said that for each m2 you will get around 1700 kwh for solar. And the problem is that they dont really use Solar, they could replace it with there Nuclear Reactor which is placed in a dangerous earthquake area. so maybe an article would open people and investors eyes for especially Solar energy in Armenia. 

    Miko Hairapetian. 

  8. Issa2nice says:

    hey my name is Issa Aman i am from small village southof ethiopia called Rirra and i am intrested to know about your clean techinca i just wanna know more. what type of wheather needed to you this light or solar system because the village is called most of the time. it is high land area.

    • Bob_Wallace says:

      Hi Issa. I don’t quite understand what you are asking.

      English is a tough language to learn. Why don’t you try again?

      What do you mean by “what type of weather”? I think you’re asking about how much sun you need to make solar work?

      What are you trying to do? Bring some electricity to your village?

      Ask away. Some of us will work with you to try to get your questions answered.


    • CleanTechnica is just a blog about cleantech news and issues.

      Are you looking for a solar panel company?

  9. Miko Hairapetian says:

    i am a 15 year old school boy from Denmark and i’ve being reading this site in almost 1 year and i really like this!!! great job!!

  10. Andre Ovelacq says:


  11. Thank you for your very interesting and helpful content.

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