CleanTechnica Editorial Ethics

At CleanTechnica, we aim for truth, accuracy, and transparency in all of our reporting. All of our editorial and reporting work is independent of any influence from advertisers and clients. Our editorial team is separate and autonomous from our advertising team, and any paid advertising, including native content, will be clearly marked as such.

We aim to publish ethical, non-partisan, and objective reporting based on multiple sources, when possible, with the intent of providing fact-based information to our readers. If  we publish erroneous information, we will make every effort to update and correct those stories as quickly as possible.

If writers at CleanTechnica have a financial interest in a story, such as owning stock in a company we are covering, or receive a free review model of a product, we will always be transparent in disclosing that information. We pledge that those interests will not affect how we report on the story.