Mission and Vision

At CleanTechnica, we believe that truth will lead us to a clean energy future. Once people have seen solar recharging their home battery and their electric bill drop to zero, all the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that has been created (on purpose) falls away. Once they drive a Tesla, peoples’ idea of driving completely changes. Once they see plastic pollution piling up on beaches thousands of miles from where it was used, they cannot unsee it. Once they see arteries clogged by years of the standard American diet, they realize that change is not only easy, it’s also critical to their health.

Our mission at CleanTechnica is to catalyze the clean tech revolution through industry coverage with journalistic integrity.

Our vision is a radical mindset shift, and seeing the corrupt, old, clunky, and dirty economy fade away as the new one rises. We envision, within our lifetimes, a global economy based on renewable and clean energy, permaculture & reforestation, cellular agriculture, smallholder organic farms with smart technology, and electrified transit. We envision good employment opportunities for all, rather than wealth accumulation at the top 1%. And we envision distributed resources inherently moving us toward an egalitarian society. 

Will you join us in the quest to end the dumb, and to create the good?

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