Photo by Carolyn Fortuna / CleanTechnica

What Can We Do To Protect Our Coastal Communities From Extreme Weather Damage?

Joe DiStefano, CEO of UrbanFootprint, wants you to be aware of the surprising overlap between prominent regional climate risks and domestic migration patterns. It’s clear that we’re witnessing a growing trend of people moving into areas prone to extreme weather threats, such as coastal communities. DiStefano says that it is … [continued]

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Roam Teams Up With QuickMart To Introduce Roam Hub Charging Stations For Electric Motorcycles In…

Several firms that are active in Kenya’s nascent electric motorcycle sector are starting to ramp up their operations. This has resulted in an increased number of electric motorcycles on the roads in Kenya, especially in the capital, Nairobi. Some of these players introduced their electric motorcycles with select partners in … [continued]

U.S. Hydropower Generation Expected to Increase by 6% in 2024 Following Last Year’s Lows

Last year, U.S. hydropower electricity generation fell to its lowest since 2001. This year, we expect hydropower to increase 6% and account for 250 billion kilowatthours of electricity generation in the power sector, based on forecasts in our Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO). We expect hydropower to increase in nearly every part of the … [continued]