Home Efficiency


Making your home more energy and water efficient is not just eco-friendly, it’s one of the best investments you can make. Depending on your utility rates, home efficiency upgrades can pay for themselves within a year. They don’t just put more money in your pocket each month, they also increase the value of your home.

Here are some home efficiency articles to help you get started.

Home Energy Efficiency before going solar — how much difference can it make to the total cost?


In this case study, we look at how much homeowners can save on solar PV systems if they do the energy efficiency work first. The investment in efficiency typically pays for itself very quickly, but when then looking to get to zero electric bill with solar PV, the investment can save substantial amounts of money on the cost of solar. The author saved enough for 2/3 of a Tesla Model 3!

Home Efficiency 101: Appliances, thermal envelope, lighting, plumbing, & more

Get started in home efficiency with this efficiency 101 article: How to read electric and water bills, how much savings you can expect, where to best spend money on greening a home, the unseen benefits of greening a home, and top things to think about when you’re thinking of getting started.


County of Kauai launches COVID economic relief in the form of lower utility bills

The island of Kauai is reaching its renewable energy goals a decade faster than expected. It added a home efficiency self-audit to help provide economic resilience to its residents during the pandemic, and the results were clear. The program should keep 4x more money per year in the island’s economy than the County spent in year 1 while also helping some residents keep a little extra money to help them get through a tough economic downturn.

Maintenance tips for a green home

Maintenance can save you headaches, but it can also save you money and extend the life of your appliances. Find out what to do for your fridge, laundry, HVAC, sinks, toilets, and gutters to improve your home’s efficiency.



Top 5 habits you can get into that improve your home’s efficiency

Learn life-long strategies that will save you money and improve your life — for life! Tips for laundry, food storage, dishwasher use, staying cool, and more, all with the intent of improving your home’s efficiency.


Top 4 DIY energy efficiency upgrades your home or small business

What’s the biggest bang for the buck, both in terms of your money and time? We lay out DIY energy efficiency projects that can save you thousands and improve your home.