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Tesla & Other EV Sales — Global & Country by Country

This page is dedicated to sharing recent highlights of Tesla sales in various markets and market segments. Some sales charts are below, but more charts are included in the associated articles.


#1 Tesla Model 3 = 14% of World’s Electric Vehicle Sales in 2019

Tesla Model 3 Sales ~3× the #2 Electric Vehicle’s Global Sales in 2019

Tesla Hits 2019 Guidance — Delivers 367,500 Vehicles, Grows 50% Over 2018

Tesla Sales Grew 47× In 7 Years

Tesla vs. BMW, Jaguar, Porsche — Worldwide Sales


Fossil Vehicle Sales In Global Freefall — Down 4.7% In 2019! Electric Vehicle Sales Continue To Grow


In Tesla’s main market, the Model 3 is the #1 best selling vehicle in its class and in 2019 was the 9th best selling car of any type (not including SUVs and trucks, though). The Model 3 accounts for most electric vehicle sales in the country.

A sample of headlines and related charts are included below (click on any headlines to see more).

Tesla Model 3 = 7th Best Selling Car In USA

Tesla Model 3 Dominates US Premium-Class Small & Midsize Car Market — 23% of 2019 Sales

Tesla Gobbled Up 78% Of US Electric Vehicle Sales In 2019

Top U.S. Electric Vehicles — 2019 vs. 2018 Best Sellers

Tesla Model 3 Shatters Records In Hot European Market — Europe EV Sales Report


Opel Ampera-e (Opel Who?!?) Wins January In The Netherlands — EV Sales Report

Tesla Model 3 Shatters All Records in Historic Month & Year in the Netherlands — #1 Best Selling Vehicle In Country


100% Electric Vehicles Collected 42% of Norway’s Vehicle Sales in 2019 — #1 Best Selling Vehicle In Country

Norway Hits 64.4% EV Market Share In January, Up 24% Year On Year


Plug-In Vehicles = 5.7% of Portugal’s Auto Sales


Plug-In Vehicles = 5.5% of Switzerland’s Auto Sales, Tesla Model 3 = #4 Auto In Country


11% Electric Vehicle Share In France!

Renault Zoe & Tesla Model 3 Pull France To Record Heights

Fossil Vehicle Sales In France Crash By 25% As EVs Quadruple To 11% Market Share


Tesla Model 3 = 3rd Best Selling EV In Germany

Winter In Germany: Fossil Vehicle Sales Slide 15% As EV Market Share Increases From 2.5% To 6.5%


Tesla Model 3 = Best Selling Pure EV In Sweden

Fossil Fuel Vehicles Plummet 40% In Sweden As EVs Triple To Over 30% Market Share


Tesla Model 3 Has Twice As Many Sales As 2nd Best Selling Plug-In Vehicle In Denmark


Iceland Reaches 25% EV Market Share! When Will The World Follow?


China Electric Vehicle Sales — The Light At The End Of The Tunnel?


Plug-In Vehicle Sales Up To 3.1% In UK, 6.3% In December — But Look Around The Corner

UK Fossil Vehicle Sales Tumble By 18% As EVs Triple To 6% Market Share

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