Tesla Pickup — Cybertruck or Cybercar?

The recent excellent article by my colleague Jennifer Sensiba about the advantages of a body-on-frame architecture for trucks created a heated discussion. The versatility of a body-, or better, structure-on-frame architecture for the hundreds of different special purpose applications of professional vehicles is beyond dispute. The cost advantage of building one-off structures on such a platform are huge.

Why Tesla’s Stock [TSLA] Tanked After Cybertruck’s Reveal

Tesla’s stock went down some after the Cybertruck reveal, and to be honest, I kind of expected that to happen. I believe in Tesla and am a shareholder, but when it comes to new things, humans are predictable. I have been accused of “investing in a dream” by some Tesla short sellers, and it’s true. However, if you don’t invest in dreams in some type of way, they will remain dreams and not come to fruition.