Author: Iqtidar Ali

A fast-approaching pickup truck dazzles Tesla Autopilot (FSD Beta v12.3) while the car is taking an unprotected left turn (UPL) at a complex intersection with variable traffic scenarios. Credit: Chuck Cook / YouTube (watch the complete test video below).

Tesla FSD Beta v12.3 at Challenging Unprotected Left Turns

Tesla’s latest FSD Beta release v12.3 is generally getting good feedback from beta testers except for a few hiccups here and there. FSD Beta version 11 was struggling at unprotected left turn (UPL) scenarios. Although Tesla kept improving the algorithms, V11 did not improve significantly. Tesla Model 3 owner and ex-US Air … [continued]

The currently Model Y design will be around for at least another year in North America, accoring to an internal company communication.

Tesla Introduces a Two-Seat Model Y in France as a Commercial Utility Vehicle

Tesla (TSLA) has started offering its commercial customers a two-seat configuration Model Y in France. Besides offering the utility of a medium-sized van with a lot of storage space, this Model Y 2-seater also saves taxes for businesses operating in France. Tesla Model Y was originally introduced as a mid-sized … [continued]

Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen hits the Cybertruck body with a sledgehammer at the first unveiling event in 2019. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).

Tesla Cybertruck Takes On Bat & Man Jumping On Windshield (Videos)

How sturdy and durable and apocalypse-proof is the Tesla Cybertruck, actually? How does it hold up to a true vandal, not just Franz von Holzhausen on a Tesla stage? Is the Cybertruck glass really so strong, or just a marketing ploy? The following article is a repost of two pieces … [continued]