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Published on November 25th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


Twitter Meme Lord Unveils Thrilling Cybermeme_Template — Tesla Cybertruck

November 25th, 2019 by  

Did Tesla unveil something else on the night of the Cybertruck unveiling? I’m not talking about the ATV, but something more on par with an Easter egg. Although, you don’t need to own a Tesla to access this one.

The beauty of the internet is the ability to take things and make them your own. This is exactly what we are seeing with the Cybertruck.

Cybertruck Wraps

The new Tesla Cybertruck is perfect for just about anything and everything. Yes, the base version starts at $39,900 and has 250 miles of range. It has a towing rate of 7,500 pounds and can go from 0–60 in 6.5 seconds. Looking like a Pythagorean theorem on wheels, Tesla has made over the typical truck and included some really unique features such as work-in-progress shatterproof glass and a stainless steel body. It has already had over 200,000 preorders, too!

Tesla sought to make this truck as close to indestructible as possible, but that’s not the hidden gem. No, the gem can only be discovered for those who are graphic designers. Perhaps Tesla’s designers weren’t even aware of this gem. Or maybe it was the master plan all along. After all, Tesla’s CEO is a meme lord and what is a better way to market a product than with memes?

It makes sense that the ultimate Meme Lord is also the CEO of Tesla. Why else would Tesla unveil the internet’s hottest meme_template? Artists, amateurs, and even marketers can get creative with wrap ideas for their trucks. The stainless steel acts in a similar fashion as a green screen. Some of these designs are somewhat interesting and some are simply hilarious. For those familiar with graphic design and Photoshop, this meme_template that Tesla — most likely unknowingly — unveiled is what will keep the internet busy coming up with memes and graphics.

View post on imgur.com

One of the most discussed things about Tesla that shorts hate so much is that it doesn’t pay for advertising. However, who needs advertising when its CEO is a meme lord who makes Twitter explode whenever he posts a silly meme? Memes are actually a great marketing tool and the fact that people are making memes and creating their own version of wrapped Cybertrucks just goes to show that Tesla really doesn’t need to advertise. It advertises by existing. Seriously, who needs to pay for advertising when other companies use your product as a meme to market their own?

For those who love their Ford F-150s, Twitter user Mugen has a great way for people switching from the iconic Ford to Tesla to honor their old truck. Also, our favorite Photoshopper, the Earl of the Frunkpuppies, made a Tesla wrap for the Cybertruck as well.

Responding to Denny’s Diner special “Dynertruck” reveal, which coincidentally came on the same night as the Cybertruck reveal, Crunch embarrassingly admitted to yet another similar product launch.

Although some articles think that Tesla is going to need to woo customers from Ford, GM, and Ram — and, to be honest about it, many of those customers may not like the Cybertruck — I think that its uniqueness is what will attract younger buyers who want the hottest and trendiest vehicle. It’s one of those things that makes you look twice and then blink.

There’s even an Andrew Yang one.

However, it’s not all fun and games. Several news stories with negative headlines have appeared not just online. One of my friends called to tell me that she heard about Elon’s failure with the glass. I just laughed. Apparently, according to her, the news was reporting that the Cybertruck was a failure because of broken glass. I told her that it was just FUD and that she should actually research it and watch the videos. However, what better way to fight the FUD than with memes?

Tesla unveil

Although I am not that great with design, I did a little something here for cat lovers everywhere. Yes, the Cybertruck would be the perfect truck for cats and frunk kittens. Perhaps I should have added a tail at the end.




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