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Published on November 24th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


Why Tesla’s Stock [TSLA] Tanked After Cybertruck’s Reveal

November 24th, 2019 by  

Tesla’s stock went down some after the Cybertruck reveal, and to be honest, I kind of expected that to happen. I believe in Tesla and am a shareholder, but when it comes to new things, humans are predictable. I have been accused of “investing in a dream” by some Tesla short sellers, and it’s true. However, if you don’t invest in dreams in some type of way, they will remain dreams and not come to fruition. Also, what Tesla and Elon Musk excel at is making dreams reality.

In general, people are predictable when it comes to new things — they often have an aversion to something totally new, especially visually. Elon said that the Cybertruck was going to be way different. However, people expected it to look like a truck. Elon was right and the Cybertruck is way out there, and to an extent that analysts may not be comfortable with at the moment.

Why aren’t they comfortable? Probably for the same reason the FDA is skittish about new drugs before trials. Think about it, it’s new. We don’t know how people will react. Will the drug save lives or will it end them? Yes, that is a bit of an extreme comparison, but it makes sense all the same. The Cybertruck is that drug. Will it be a hit or miss? Analysts, especially those who are constantly exposed to the negative headlines around Tesla, will most likely be fearful of the stock. After all, they don’t look at the entire picture, just the quarter and how much in profits they expect to make next quarter.

Analysts don’t care if the Cybertruck will be a huge seller in 2020 or an award-winning truck in 2022 after several tests have been done. They are focused on Q4 2019’s numbers. That’s my theory anyway.

I am holding my share in Tesla, and here’s why: Tesla is a game-changer. Its vehicles actually do what Elon says they are going to do when he reveals them. I live in Baton Rouge, and I just have a visual of the Cybertruck rolling down College Drive during an LSU home game. Actually, for me, an LSU-themed Cybertruck would be awesome. Especially if Bama were in town playing us.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tailgating is a thing here. I’m not talking about traffic, I’m talking about parties. In the South, people love trucks. Tesla finally making a truck will be a huge hit here in the South, especially after what we saw with the Ford F-150 during the Cybertruck reveal. Speaking of the F-150, Teslaudio shared a comparison between the two trucks below that should rattle some critics.

In the comparison, we have the Tesla Cybertruck with dual motors and all-wheel-drive and the Ford F-150 Raptor Supercrew. Both trucks have six seats. The Tesla Cybertruck has 10,000 pounds of towing capacity and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. It starts at $49,900. The Ford F-150 tows 8,000 pounds and goes from 0-60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds. It starts at $56,190. Not only is Tesla the better bargain here, but add in the savings from not buying gas!

When it comes to the stock price, people panic. They forget that Tesla is a volatile stock. This is a side effect of being a leader in a market that hasn’t had the kind of radical changes Tesla is bringing. So, naturally, analysts are scared of losing money in the 4th quarter of 2019. They are looking at today’s numbers, not the success of Tesla in the next coming years.

This is why it’s vital to invest in dreams. Dreams take a while to come true. They take hard work, faith, and determination. It is up to us to keep the faith while Tesla does the hard work. Let us stay determined to keep Tesla’s dream of advancing us to sustainability not only alive but kicking hard.

Why Did Tesla’s Stock Price Go Down?

Why is it that people often turn to religion when they die? Even if they didn’t practice religion during their lives, they suddenly turn to it. Why is it that some people hated women who fought for our right to vote? Why were black people and anyone who supported black people during the civil rights movement badly terrorized and often murdered?

People are afraid of change. They see it as a threat to their current existence. On some primal level, their fears think that change equals some type of death. With Tesla on the scene, the death that looms is the death of the use of oil and fossil fuels. The oil companies do not want to die. So they fight Tesla not realizing Tesla is fighting for them — in a sense. Tesla is fighting for humanity, and humanity is what the oil companies are made up of. They see Tesla as a threat to their way of life, but are unwilling to see that if they don’t change their habits, they are the real threats to their way of life.

Change or die. Evolve or die.

No one said the truth would be pretty. Tesla’s stock price bouncing around is evidence of that.

Addendum: There’s some conjecture that the stock price tanked in reaction to the steel ball breaking the windows. CleanTechnica TV explained why this happened, and Elon tweeted essentially the same explanation several hours later. Both of those are below. Also, even with this slip-up, imagine what would have happened if Franz had thrown that steel ball at a Ford F-150’s window!


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