Induction stoves

Gas Stoves Emit Pollution Even When Not In Use!

It is widely known that gas production and transportation both result in methane leakage, but a new study found that appliances, such as stoves, leak dangerous methane — even when they are not being used. These results are concerning because methane is a powerful climate pollutant that has a global warming potential … [continued]

The High-Performance All-Electric Home

In the 1950s, when nuclear energy was booming and hydroelectric dams were laying across rivers like tourniquets, the all-electric home became a thing. It didn’t matter that the electric heating technologies of the time were vastly inefficient. The promise of electricity that was “too cheap to meter” meant that people could use it to their heart’s delight.

Professional Chef On Her Love Of Cooking With Induction

In our lead up to next Wednesday’s webinar on Induction cooking, I interviewed a professional chef on the joys, advantages, and importance of cooking with induction. Rachelle Boucher is a professional chef and “appliance whisperer” who has been cooking on all types of stoves for years. She has been a celebrated corporate chef with brands like Monark Home, Sub-Zero & Wolf, and Miele U.S.A.