Author: Carolyn Fortuna

"Elon Musk Dreaming of a Brighter Future" by jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Does Tesla’s Future Hinge On The 2024 Annual Stockholder Meeting?

Tesla’s real world challenges have already had an impact on its success. The question is, How much will current events, such as Thursday’s 2024 Annual Stockholder Meeting, affect Tesla’s future stability and viability? The Annual Meeting will be held at Tesla’s Austin headquarters. The company expects to accommodate only a … [continued]

"Fossil Fuel Free Future" by Jeremy Buckingham MLC is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

It’s Time To Ban Fossil Fuel Advertising, Brought To You By “The Godfathers Of Climate…

A safe climate depends on replacing coal, oil, and gas with clean energy sources. During a speech in New York City this week, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for an end to fossil fuel advertising advertising. “The godfathers of climate chaos – the fossil-fuel industry – rake in record … [continued]

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It’s World Ocean Day — Join In The Climate Action & Protect Three-Quarters Of The…

World Ocean Day is observed on Saturday, June 8. It’s a tradition that the United Nations started celebrating in 2008, as managing ocean ecosystems for resilience is essential to a flourishing human population and global biodiversity. Towns and cities and organizations across the globe are commemorating World Ocean Day with … [continued]

Photo by Carolyn Fortuna / CleanTechnica

Do Carbon Offsets Really Work?

Carbon offsets are credits that you purchase in order to balance out your emissions. You fund a project that will remove or store that same amount of carbon dioxide you emitted but in a different place. Your credit purchase means you “retire” the emissions to a carbon sink such as … [continued]

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Electric Shuttle Buses, Wireless Charging, Autonomous Service: Next Steps In Support Transport

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week awarded nearly $900 million in rebates to help more than 500 school districts buy about 3,400 clean school buses — 92% of them electric. Electric buses and electric shuttle buses have enjoyed fast-growing adoption in recent years due to their potential benefits … [continued]