Author: Naomi Cole & Joe Wachunas

The electric fireplace at the center of our living room creates a lovely ambiance. The ductless heat pump (upper left) efficiently provides the heat to keep us warm.

Decarbonize Your Fireplace With An Electric Hearth

Humans have a primal attraction to a crackling flame and the ambience of a cozy fireplace. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright called the hearth the “the psychological center of the home,” and designed all his residences around a central fireplace. For the majority of humans who now live in urban areas, … [continued]

Image courtesy of NEEA

We’ve Installed Heat Pump Water Heaters 4 Times — Here’s What To Know About This…

Heat pump water heaters are efficient, money-saving, decarbonizing machines. They use a fraction of the energy of the old-school technologies they replace without any compromise in performance. They offer lower utility bills, reduced carbon emissions, and dehumidification! The word is now out, and sales are taking off with new rebates, … [continued]