Amazon Rainforest

Image courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory, NASA.

Indigenous Communities Protect the Amazon

About 1.5 million Indigenous people reside in the forests of the Amazon in South America. Although deforestation and fires have eaten into this iconic forest in recent decades, Indigenous communities are helping protect some of its most intact parts. Standing, healthy forests breathe in carbon dioxide and store it in their trunks, … [continued]

Dirty Tricks To Save The Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the world’s largest carbon sinks, and home to a tremendous diversity of animal, plant, and fungal life. Preserving the Amazon should be considered one of our generation’s greatest priorities, if we are to ward off the worst effects of climate change. One man just … [continued]

Can Save The Amazon?

Climate anxiety is real. I’ve felt it for years — a sense that we’re demolishing the only planet we have, hurtling toward a cliff at unprecedented speed, and, for the most part, only a backseat driver is currently starting to murmur something along the lines of, “Hey, guys? Ummm … maybe we ought to … you know, I don’t want to nag or anything, but, maybe we oughta, ya know, slow down?” I know it’s real in others, too — I’ve seen a growing number of despair-oriented posts in my social media feeds. This week, it seems to have hit a fever pitch, with the Amazon rainforest on fire in a way that just seems different somehow.