Author: Jo Borras

Teslas being repaired at GM service center; via TeslaRepairs (Insta)

Nightmare Repair Bills Are The Dark Side Of EV Ownership

Modern EVs offer some of the latest, cutting-edge tech in the automotive industry, but life with that tech comes at a price.  When the headlights in my friend Bill’s 2019 Tesla Model S failed, he didn’t initially give it much thought. He scheduled a service appointment, dropped off the car, … [continued]

Kohler Launches KDH Hydrogen Engine

Standalone engine-builders Kohler recently unveiled a new direct injection, hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine based on its KDI 2504 TCR in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. Like similar solutions from Toyota, Cummins, and other heavy-equipment power producers, the Kohler hydrogen engine isn’t a hydrogen fuel cell. Instead, it’s a conventional … [continued]