Tesla Sentry Mode

Tesla Cyber Owl after confirming Tesla Cybertruck reservation. Screenshot from Kyle Field.

Tesla Cybertruck’s Cyber Owl Sentry Mode Graphic

During a recent sighting of the Tesla Cybertruck, something unique caught the attention of onlookers — a special Sentry Mode graphic that adds character to the electric pickup truck. Sentry Mode, first introduced in February 2019 in response to security concerns, uses the vehicle’s cameras to keep a watchful eye … [continued]

1st Monkey Selfie on a TeslaCam

Tesla owner Sam Alburquerque and his wife went on a fun adventure recently and a cute little monkey got curious about the cameras on their Tesla. The trip to Longleat Safari Park was taken in a Tesla Model 3, which took amazing videos of the adventure. Sam’s wife, Karina, narrated … [continued]

Some Are Worried About Tesla Cameras, While Ignoring CCTV Watching Your Every Move

There is some new FUD about Tesla and its camera system. TZ Munich posed the question as to whether or not Tesla cameras violate German data protection requirements. A political magazine, Kontraste, reported that the cameras record the interior and surroundings of the car and that hardly anything remains hidden from Tesla. It also noted that the driver can’t control what type of personal data is stored by Tesla.