Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen hits the Cybertruck body with a sledgehammer at the first unveiling event in 2019. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).

Tesla Cybertruck Takes On Bat & Man Jumping On Windshield (Videos)

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How sturdy and durable and apocalypse-proof is the Tesla Cybertruck, actually? How does it hold up to a true vandal, not just Franz von Holzhausen on a Tesla stage? Is the Cybertruck glass really so strong, or just a marketing ploy? The following article is a repost of two pieces from Tesla Oracle on these topics. (Links in the subheadings.) Enjoy!

Cybertruck vs. a baseball bat, watch who wins the battle of dents and bents

Tesla Cybertruck owners and their friends are on a mission to test the toughness of the truck to any possible extent.

After recently jumping on the Cybertruck windshield, a new group of Cybertruck enthusiasts beat it with a baseball bat. They also posted a video of this event online that shows two adult men trying their best to put a dent into the Cybertruck’s body.

No visibly significant damage could be seen on the Cybertruck after it received harsh blows on its door panels. But interestingly, the baseball bat was the one that failed in this test as its handle was bent after the beating.

Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen hits the Cybertruck body with a sledgehammer at the first unveiling event in 2019. Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).

This is possibly an ultimate durability test for any car or pickup truck that no production vehicle can pass except for the Cybertruck. The Tesla Cybertruck is made of 30× cold-rolled stainless steel alloy. The automaker hasn’t shared the specific chemistry of this alloy but it’s strong enough to bear hits from a baseball bat or even a hammer.

At the first unveiling event of the Cybertruck in 2019, Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen demonstrated the durability of the Cybertruck by hitting it with a sledgehammer (pic above). But this live testing became the prelude to the most viral event in automotive history — the breaking of the Cybertruck glass in front of a large global audience and press.

Hitting the Cybertruck with a sledgehammer or a baseball bat might not hurt the body itself, but it surely can damage the systems inside such as the glass assembly, motors, and sensors. So, never try it on your own Cybertruck — ever!

Man tests the strength of the Cybertruck windshield glass by jumping on it (video)

Of all the interesting and crazy Cybertruck content being poured into the cybersphere since Tesla started deliveries last year — some stuff truly stands out from the crowd.

Talking about standing, a friend of a Cybertruck owner tested the Cybertruck glass in a weird way — by jumping on the truck’s windshield. Aside from a full-grown adult male weight that the Tesla glass had to bear, the guy was wearing leather boots as well.

Despite being asked by onlooking friends to stop multiple times, this person kept jumping on the Tesla Cybertruck windscreen. When he finally stopped performing his maneuver and tried to step down from the windshield, due to its steep and straight slope, he fell on the window on his back — crack — the window shouted.

Screenshot of the Tesla Parts Catalog showing the Cybertruck windshield assembly and glass diagram with the replacement cost of $1,900. Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).

However, the window still didn’t completely shatter. In a recent vandalism attempt on a Cybertruck in California, the offender jumped on the truck’s roof and it didn’t shatter to allow him the way to the cabin.

The parts catalog of the Tesla Cybertruck shows that the vehicle’s windshield glass and assembly costs $1,900 without installation charges. Installation charges and availability might differ depending on the location of a Tesla Service Center and the presence of the trained staff.

Although, according to Elon Musk, the Cybertruck is built for the apocalypse era, it does not mean anyone should try what we have witnessed in the video above. The Cybertruck is tough, but it’s not fool-proof.

Jumping on the Cybertruck or any vehicle’s glass roof and windshield might result in a serious injury as well. So, stay safe and never try this on your Cybertruck or anyone else’s.

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