The Green Car Manifesto No One Asked For

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For the better part of a decade — call it 2008-2018 — most of my contributions to CleanTechnica “corporate” came through Gas2. Gas2, for those of you that never read it, had two taglines over the years. An official one, that was: “Gas 2.0: the future of fuel,” and an unofficial one that was a bit more nuanced: “Green cars that don’t suck.”

Granted, that’s a bit vague. Still, I think that can sum it up pretty nicely by sharing a little exchange I had with someone at about the Ford C-Max. At the time, Ford was involved in a bit of drama surrounding the car’s stated fuel economy, and my fellow journalist asked me how Gas2 would be covering the “scandalous” story.

“We probably won’t talk about it all,” I answered. “Because the C-Max sucks.”

Ford C-Max Hybrid

Image courtesy Ford.

Nearly ten years on, I still stand by that statement. On its best day, the C-Max was styled like some sort of space egg, was way too tall to be sporty or nimble, and tried so very, very hard to sell itself on the merits of efficiency and logic. And, don’t get me wrong, it was efficient and logical … but this is America, and we don’t buy vehicles based on efficiency. (If you don’t believe me, count how many pickups you see on the road with empty beds the next time you drive anywhere.)

Why am I talking about all this? Because I recently stumbled across Gas2’s “About Us” page on an old backup drive, and I felt like it could use a bit of an update (especially since, you know, Gas2 doesn’t really exist anymore). So, here it is Gas2’s Jo Borrás personal green car manifesto. Enjoy!

Green Cars That Don’t Suck

Image courtesy Everatti.

I believe that hugging trees and burning rubber (it’s fine, that’s been debunked) can coexist. When I read about a car, I want to talk about 60′ and 1/4 mile times, custom builds, four-wheel drifts, all while — of course — having a planet that we can do those things on. Most importantly, I think, is that I want to show the enthusiast community — the “gearheads” and hot-rodders — that green cars don’t suck.

There’s a bit more to me than that, of course — if only just. I like to think that I can hold on to a few beliefs here. Nothing hard and fast and absolute. Just generally speaking, you know? And I like to think that my 25-year history in the automotive world would bear out some of the following:

That’s about all I’ve got.

If you’ve read this far, then maybe you like what you’ve read and want to read some more. That’s cool, and I hope you visit CleanTechnica – and comment! – often. So, until the next post hits, I’d like to invite you to sign up for one of our newsletters, check out the CleanTech Talk podcast, and stop by our YouTube page now and then

Finally, I’m far from the only person writing about EVs here on CleanTechnica. If you hated what you just read and you’re an EV maximalist: that’s great! Anything that helps move the needle, and you can read more from great writers like Steve Hanley, Carolyn Fortuna, Jennifer Sensiba, Tina Casey, and (of course) the great Zachary Shahan.

Original content from Gas2 CleanTechnica.

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