The award winning Andalou Isuzu Citivolt 12 e-Bus. (Photo from Anadalou Isuzu Facebook page)

Turkish Busmaker Anadolu Isuzu Wins Busworld Award, Will Deliver 100+ Buses Before End Of The…

Isuzu just a launched its flat floor Erga EV bus at the Japan Mobility Show. It was declared a first for the brand. But little is known, at least in this part of the world, that Isuzu has been experimenting with battery-powered buses since 2018 in Turkey. In 1984, Isuzu … [continued]

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NASA’s Satellites Help With Turkey, Syria Earthquake Response

“It’s difficult to watch this tragedy unfold, especially since we’ve known for a long time that the buildings in the region were not designed to withstand earthquakes,” said USGS scientist David Wald. “An earthquake this size has the potential to be damaging anywhere in the world, but many structures in this region are particularly vulnerable.”