Tesla Model 3 performance

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous in Valencia, Spain.

New Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Performance Version Coming in May with +600 HP (Rumors)

The newly refreshed Tesla Model 3 has been garnering praise from owners, auto pundits, and on-air personalities, including car aficionado and former talk show host Jay Leno. Leno recently featured the Model 3 on his YouTube channel and had much praise for the compact sports sedan. And though Leno loves … [continued]

Modified for the track, teapot racer. Photo by Majella Waterworth.

Teapot Trixie — Speed Racer

Robert Isaac, self-confessed über-nerd and track racer, brought his modified Model 3 Performance to our electric vehicle event in Bundaberg a couple of weeks ago and told me his fascinating story. He has allowed me to share it with the readership of CleanTechnica. Enjoy. By Robert Isaac I’ve been a … [continued]