Image provided by Bikebank and Gogoro.

My Top EV Stories Of 2023

After writing about the stories I thought were the most impactful for EV charging in 2023, I realized that there was some pretty big news this year about the cars themselves. While some of these stories weren’t about the most amazing cars, they’re the ones that will have the greatest … [continued]

Image provided by Bikebank and Gogoro.

Own an Apple Phone & a Gogoro Scooter? Things Just Got A Lot More Convenient

Gogoro, a company offering electric mopeds and scooters with removable battery packs, recently announced some cool features for owners of both the company’s scooters and an Apple device. The vehicles can now be unlocked and started with phones or watches, found with Apple Find My, and otherwise enhanced with other … [continued]

Gogoro CEO Horace Luke (center) and his crew launch the CrossOver, the world’s first two wheel sports-ute (Photo from Gogoro Media Center)

Gogoro Creates A Sport-Ute On Two Wheels, Claims Traction for Most Terrain, But Only For…

Just before setting up camp at the Japan Mobility Show, Gogoro’s top Jedi Horace Luke led the launch of the Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter, declaring it the world’s first two-wheel SUV. “The Gogoro CrossOver embodies everything our brand has come to stand for. Highlighted by new functional design features, improved performance … [continued]

The Gogoro Booth at the Japan Mobility Show (Photo from Gogoro)

Japanese Seem Familiar With Gogoro Swappable Battery Technology, Relating It To Bento Boxes Concept

The idea of swapping power in little boxes is not new to the Japanese. It is the stuff that makes their anime robot Kuromukuro alive, how spirits are trapped and harnessed, and how food is delivered to the table. Americans are familiar with the bento box — that Japanese lacquered … [continued]

Image provided by Bikebank and Gogoro.

How Did Gogoro Go From Stealth Startup To Global Battery-Swapping Leader in Just Over A…

Emergence Strategy in Action: Gogoro Seizes Opportunity in the Transition to Sustainable Mobility How did Gogoro go from stealth startup to being the largest worldwide provider of light EV battery swapping — all in a little over a decade? The company, which vastly simplifies the charging experience for the rapidly … [continued]