A Gogoro GoStation with an Enel X installation (Photo from PR Newswire)

Taiwan Includes Virtual Power Plant Technology In Its Energy Mix Using Battery Swapping Stations

In what is the now the first largest commercial deployment of a Virtual Power Plant in the world, energy expert Enel X and 1,300 Gogoro battery-swapping GoStations will be helping the energy-hungry Taiwan power grid by supplying power during times when the demand is high and an imbalance is detected. … [continued]

Image courtesy of Ola Electric

Electric Two-Wheelers Growing Fast in India

CleanTechnica recently published an article that I had compiled about the progress of BEVs in India. Although the adoption curve looked impressive, the absolute numbers were still miniscule. One of our readers pointed out that the real story was electric two-wheelers in India. Autocar India tells us that electric two-wheeler … [continued]

Gogoro & Zypp Electric Announce Strategic Partnership To Accelerate The Electric Transformation Of 2-Wheel Last…

  In Delhi, India, Gogoro Inc. and Zypp Electric have announced a strategic B2B initiative and partnership that will accelerate the urban shift of logistics fleets and last-mile deliveries to electric using battery swapping. Gogoro is one of the global leaders in battery-swapping technologies offering sustainable mobility solutions to cities. … [continued]