Author: Juan Diego Celemín Mojica

Image courtesy of Coradir.

Latin America 2023 EV Sales Report, Part 1: The Laggards (Argentina, Perú, Ecuador, Chile, Dominican…

We’re back with our report on EV sales in Latin America! There are some novelties, but, contrary to my expectations, the distance between the laggards and the leaders is actually increasing: this means that the first part of the report will be full of bad (or, at best, “meh”) news, … [continued]

Volkswagen electrifies South America: ID. Buzz and ID.4 are coming to Brazil. Image courtesy of Volkswagen AG.

BEV Sales Shoot Past All Expectations in Brazil in December, Rise 700%!

Not long ago, Brazil’s BEV sales were symbolic: a fraction of a fraction. But the second half of 2023 has broken record after record, breaking all expectations and closing in on 3% BEV share in December, 700% growth YoY. As I started collecting data for the 2023 report on EV … [continued]