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AN.T. CARGO:4, image courtesy of AN.T. GmbH

This Heavy Duty E-Cargo Bike Has 2 Cubic Meters Of Payload Space & Can Haul…

Electric cargo bikes are evolving and improving rapidly these days, especially on the commercial and fleet side of things, where increased payload volume and carrying capacity are key, as well as stability, safety, and dependability for daily use. Many of these new ‘professional’ e-cargo bike platforms are coming out of … [continued]

The Veload electric quadricycle lends itself to a variety of uses, including as a hearse.

This German Undertaker Uses An Electric Quadricycle As A Hearse

Electric cargo bikes and trikes and quadricycles are being put to a wide variety of uses, from hauling materials to passengers to tools to packages, but what if your passenger is, say, dead? It turns out that electric cargo bikes can also make a great hearse, enabling the deceased to … [continued]

Figure 4: My Grand Daughter Skiing. Buried in Power Snow. Alta Ski Resort. Alta Utah. March 2023. Photo by Elizabeth McDonald

Electric Bicycles Can Bridge Gap in Access to Transportation

Power-assisted bicycles have existed for more than a century. While gasoline-powered bicycles are no longer mainstream, today, battery-powered electric bicycles (e-bikes) are more popular than ever. Sales figures for e-bikes are significantly outpacing all other electric vehicles. “Most people’s first experiences with electric vehicles are with an e-bike, not an … [continued]