Author: Jake Richardson

The eWolf electric tugboat, image courtesy of Crowley Maritime Corporation

New Electric Tugboat Unveiled At Port Of San Diego

The Port of San Diego recently unveiled its new electric tugboat, the eWolf. The electric tugboat runs only on electricity, whereas a conventional tugboat uses diesel fuel. The new electric tugboat generates no carbon dioxide or unhealthy air pollution such as particulate matter. Air pollution at ports is a well-documented … [continued]

Rendering of the proposed Lewis Ridge Pumped Storage Project in Bell County, Ky, image courtesy of Rye Development

287 MW/2,296 MWh Kentucky Pumped Storage Project Gets $81 Million In DOE Funding

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected Rye Development to receive $81 million to develop the Lewis Ridge Pumped Storage project in Kentucky on former mine land. Rye Development, with headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, develops and commercializes run-of-river and pumped storage projects to generate clean, renewable electricity. … [continued]

Image Credit: Seabound

Climatetech Startup Seabound Is Developing A Carbon Capture System For Large Ships

Here at CleanTechnica, we have written about electrifying personal watercraft and ferries — vessels used to cover short distances. Ocean-going cargo ships with all their containers are massive and need to travel much farther. It’s not possible to simply slap an enormous battery system and some electric motors in them … [continued]

Image Credit: Strata Clean Energy

1 GWh Energy Storage Project In Arizona Gets $559 Million In Financing

Strata Clean Energy has secured $559 million in financing for its 255 MW/1,020 MWh Scatter Wash battery storage complex. Strata broke ground on the Phoenix, AZ, energy storage project in January of this year. The huge battery storage complex is anticipated to be operating in 2025. Financial partners/collaborators for the … [continued]

Arc Sport electric wake boat, image credit: ArcOne

New Electric Wake Boat Announced By Arc

So much of the electric vehicle news is about land-based EVs. The social media bickering and arguing about EVs and gas-powered vehicles is also about the terrestrial versions. Electrification includes water-based transportation too, though this fact seems to be largely overlooked. Here at CleanTechnica, we have written about several electric boats, including previously about the Arc One, a limited-edition electric pleasure-craft. 

Image Credit: Mars/Einride

Mars Will Bring 300 Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks To Its European Fleet By 2030

Emissions from diesel engines harm human health and even contribute to premature deaths. They also contribute to climate change. These statements are facts, supported by much scientific evidence. There are two citations linked below, but this post is not about all the supporting evidence, it’s about the solution — electrifying … [continued]