Thanks To Popular Pressure, The Senate Left The Electric Car Tax Credit Alone (For Now)

2017 has been an interesting year for electric vehicles (EV). We’ve seen more EVs on the road and at auto shows internationally, but affordability hasn’t changed that much. Worse yet, in the US, the new administration has been on a rampage returning to the good old polluting days, with carmakers colluding and allowing the environment to be further damaged.

This is a story of what can happen when enough people get together and tell politicians enough is enough. Next: Net Neutrality and other environmental topics?

Greenies also Techies

The environmental movement is one that has, lately, received a rather large amount of attention. This is not solely because of the contention about whether the global warming is as a result of man-made greenhouse gases, but because of its subsequent timing with a revolution on the internet. New research … [continued]