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Back in January, well before the Covid-19 crisis, I asked readers to help create a new section that would house the key pieces of the renewable energy puzzle. With the help of our readers, we built a reference page that can be used to teach anyone who is interested what they need to know about renewable energy, where we are today with it and how to transition from fossil fuels to a 100% renewably powered planet.

Since then, a great deal has happened, from lockdown to possible stimulus following Covid-19 that can help us transition more quickly. Renewables have become an opportunity instead of an obligation.

CleanTechnica has published over 4,000 new articles since the beginning of the year (things move so quickly in the renewable energy world), so we are once again asking for your help in finding the most important articles to help us update the reference page. And, of course, any historical ones we might have missed last time are also welcome.

Please add any suggestions that should be included in the comments — the article name is ideal since it won’t get caught by the link filter.

Thanks in advance.

Also, if you think an article should be written on a topic that has been missed or not explained as well as it could be, post those suggestions as well.

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