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Published on January 19th, 2020 | by Barry A.F.


Help CleanTechnica Create A New Section — Key Renewable Energy Articles

January 19th, 2020 by  

CleanTechnica has posted 40,000 articles since 2008, written by hundreds of authors (a few dozen core ones). In these, there are many that have covered current events, many that are instructional/timeless, and many that provide useful comparative knowledge such as renewable vs fossil fuel costs.

As the title indicates, CleanTechnica is looking to start a new section that has our key articles as a primer for those who are unfamiliar with the topic and are looking to learn about the current state of renewable energy and its potential.

We are asking for your help to find the key articles that we have posted since our inception, topics that a newcomer to the site who does not know much about renewable energy should read to catch up to our current knowledge and how best to advocate for a rapid transition to renewable energy in personal and global realms.

So, please post your best suggestions in the comments, one per post would be ideal. We also request that everyone vote for their favorite submissions. Links will end up in approval purgatory, but will show eventually. Please also post the title(s) of your recommended articles for easier viewing by others, one per post.

We are not planning on using the upvotes to choose the articles and ignore the less upvoted ones in order to avoid a BoatyMcBoatface situation — each suggestion will be evaluated on its contribution to the new section’s mission. However, the upvote tally will be interesting to see which suggestions are the most popular.

Also, it’s human nature to bias our choices on recent information, probably due to how our memories work. Plus, recent often equals more advanced than the past. This has also been found to occur in medical research — recent papers are given more weight than older research that is still pivotal. It is wise to work against this tendency, because some issues were solved long ago but are important background to someone who is learning about this topic for the first time.

Ideal candidates are articles that solve key pieces of the puzzle, explain basic concepts for those unfamiliar with renewable energy, show that 100% renewable energy modeling has already been worked out, provide critical background, and present solutions to common problems for personal energy usage and local, national, and international policy. As the old saying goes, think globally, act locally.

We thank all contributors in advance and look forward to your suggestions. 

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