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Sometimes, though, we understand it’s necessary to remind people of our worth. In the past couple of months, we have published numerous CleanTechnica exclusives, which includes breaking news as well as entirely original analyses. Here are some examples:

  1. The Osborne Effect On The Auto Industry
  2. Tesla Gigafactory 1 Timeline & Results — CleanTechnica Deep Dive
  3. That Time 1 Huge Tesla Shareholder Got Spooked & Sold 7% Of Tesla
  4. Tesla Model 3 = #1 Best Selling Electric Car in World, 7% of Global EV Market in 2018
  5. Tesla Model 3 Was #1 Top Selling Car In California In 2nd Half Of 2018
  6. Top 10 Best Selling Plug-In Vehicle Brands In 2019
  7. Top 10 Best Selling Fully Electric Vehicle Brands In 2019
  8. Boom! Fossil Vehicle Sales Are Officially Now Decreasing In China, Europe, & USA
  9. Why Excluding Nuclear, Fossils With Carbon Capture, & Biofuels From The Green New Deal Makes Financial & Climate Sense — #RealityCheck
  10. Deloitte EV Growth Report Ignores Tesla and Spreads FUD via Errors & Ignorance — Charts! #RealityCheck
  11. EV Safety Benefits — Crumple Zones, Rollover Results, Vehicle Control
  12. Gas Cars Have Much Higher Risk Of Fire Than Electric Cars — #CleanTechnica Report
  13. Roles Cities Can Play To Advance E-Mobility
  14. How Cities Can Support Successful EV Charging Networks
  15. Technical & Design Guidelines For EV Charging Infrastructure
  16. Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Guidelines for Cities
  17. EV Charging Usage Patterns: Convenience, Accessibility, & Reliability
  18. Electric Car Ownership’s Connection To Rooftop Solar & Energy Conservation
  19. 30 Nasty Tesla Charts
  20. Tesla Model 3 = #1 Best Selling Car In USA In Terms Of Revenue (4th Quarter 2018)
  21. Tesla Model 3 Is The #1 Best Selling Car In USA From An American Car Company
  22. Tesla Model 3 = #11 Best Selling Car in USA in 2018
  23. 1/5 Luxury Cars Sold in USA in 2018 = Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model S
  24. Tesla Model S = 37% of Large Luxury Car Sales in 2018 in USA*
  25. Tesla Crushes Porsche & Jaguar Globally — 4th Quarter Sales Report
  26. Electric Vehicle Sales Up 130% In 2018, 210% In Q4 2018 — US Electric Car Sales Report
  27. US EV Sales Surpass 2% In 2018 — 9 EV Sales Charts
  28. Why Europe Beats USA Again In Electric Car Sales
  29. Tesla Model 3 Sales = 32% of All Small + Midsize Luxury Car Sales in December (USA)
  30. Tesla Sells 33% More Cars In USA In Q4 2018 Than In All Of 2017! 367% YoY Growth!
  31. Tesla Model 3 Used Car Stats As Depressing For BMW & Audi As New Car Sales
  32. Tesla Model 3 = Most Loved Car In USA — New Consumer Reports Owner Survey
  33. Tesla Q4 Financial Estimates — Tesla Will See Profits, Just Not As Much
  34. Tesla’s Insanely Awesome Growth Not Impressing People Who Expected Much Worse … Wait, What?
  35. Where In The World Is Jim Chanos? #Tesla #Pravduh #King
  36. “Tesla Killers” Lookin’ … Totally Tame — CleanTechnica Sales Charts
  37. 50 Ways To Slow The Electric Vehicle Revolution — A Complete Idiot’s Guide
  38. How Byton Is Using “Co-Creation” Early On To Catch Potential Problems & Innovate Further
  39. Abe Chen, Byton VP Of Security, On The Importance Of Security In Early Design Stages — CleanTechnica Interview
  40. Our Rivian CEO Interview: Answering America’s Need For Utility & Adventure Electric Vehicles
  41. Former Tesla VP Spins Up New Energy Company To Accelerate Solar Plus Storage
  42. A Conversation With WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen
  43. New Tesla Shuttle Website For USA
  44. Tesla Supercharger Development In China — 5 Year Review & The Future
  45. Where Will Electrify America Drive “The Golden Spike?”
  46. BYD Sold Over 28,000 EVs In January — Will China See Over 50% Sales Growth Again This Year? — CleanTechnica Report
  47. China EV Forecast: 50% EV Market Share by 2025
  48. Our China × Cleantech reports
  49. Our Pravduh About Tesla reports
  50. Our China EV sales reports
  51. Our Europe EV sales reports
  52. Our Netherlands EV sales reports
  53. Our France EV sales reports
  54. Our Germany EV sales reports
  55. Electric Cars Are About To Absolutely Demolish Gasmobiles
  56. Extraordinary Storyteller Of The 21st Century — James Balog — CleanTechnica Interview
  57. Shuji Nakamura, Awarded Nobel Prize In Physics In 2014, Interviewed By CleanTechnica
  58. Solar Job Growth Optimism Explained — A #CleanTechnica Interview With Ed Gilliand, Senior Director Of The Solar Foundation
  59. What Changed In The Solar & Energy Storage Industries In 2018?
  60. What Changed In The EV Industry In 2018?
  61. Coming To America In 2019 — Compliance Cars Only
  62. A Conversation With Workhorse CEO Steve Burns
  63. New 38 kWh Hyundai Ioniq — Compared To Tesla Model 3 Standard & LEAF E+
  64. Open Letter To Toyota USA: Go All In On The Prius Prime, Kill The Regular Prius Hybrid
  65. 40,000 Miles With The 2018 Nissan LEAF
  66. Driving The Tesla Model 3 On Slippery Roads — Why It Rocks!
  67. Hyundai Kona EV Pricing = $36,450 to $44,650 — Best CUV Available?
  68. Hyundai Kona EV Wins 2019 CleanTechnica Car of the Year Award
  69. Hyundai Kona EV: There Is Almost No Reason To Buy A Gasoline Car Now — CleanTechnica Review
  70. Kia Niro EV Review — With 240 Miles Of Range, I Repeat: There Is No More Excuse To Not Own An Electric Car
  71. New Kia Soul Gets Official EPA Range Of 243 Miles (391 km) — Charts!
  72. Volkswagen Missed Its 2018 Electric Vehicle Goal (From 2010) By ~217,000 Units
  73. Tesla Model 3 Consumer Satisfaction In Germany — The Good & The Bad
  74. The Jeda Pad Adds Wireless Phone Charging For The Tesla Model 3 In A Slick Package
  75. EVRT Middle East Put Three EVs Head To Head In The Regeneration Challenge
  76. Tesla Flashbacks, Take 5
  77. Tesla News Flashbacks: 2009–2014

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