Tesla Megapack

Image Credit: Strata Clean Energy

1 GWh Energy Storage Project In Arizona Gets $559 Million In Financing

Strata Clean Energy has secured $559 million in financing for its 255 MW/1,020 MWh Scatter Wash battery storage complex. Strata broke ground on the Phoenix, AZ, energy storage project in January of this year. The huge battery storage complex is anticipated to be operating in 2025. Financial partners/collaborators for the … [continued]

Is Tesla Becoming a Threat to the World’s Biggest Utilities?

Tesla is at the forefront of this trend. It sells not only solar panels, but also battery storage systems for residential (Powerwall), commercial (Powerpack) and utility-scale (Megapack) applications. Another piece of the puzzle is Autobidder, a software product that provides “a real-time trading and control platform” to enable independent power producers to make battery assets available to the grid as DERs.