Tesla kids

Owning A Tesla At 18

Our friend “TeslaRaj” has shared a story of someone who owns a Tesla and is only 18 years old. When I was 18, I was still in high school and working full time because my mother lost her job and was going to school full time. Of course, this was back in the day of non-smart TVs, mostly landlines, and cell phones that were heavy brick things almost no one owned. It’s safe to say a lot has changed. Let’s get to this youngin.

Kids Love Teslas!

Have you ever wondered where it all comes from and when it starts, the obsession with Tesla? How do all these kids get into Tesla? Does it come from the parents, friends, YouTube videos? Do those kids really care about the environmental aspects of having an electric car, in particular a Tesla? Do they like it because it is a new trend, because it is fast, quick, and quiet? Is it because they see more and more of them around? What do they actually know about the cars beyond the fact that they are sporty and fancy looking?