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Published on September 28th, 2019 | by Marika


Kids Love Teslas!

September 28th, 2019 by  

Have you ever wondered where it all comes from and when it starts, the obsession with Tesla? How do all these kids get into Tesla? Does it come from the parents, friends, YouTube videos? Do those kids really care about the environmental aspects of having an electric car, in particular a Tesla? Do they like it because it is a new trend, because it is fast, quick, and quiet? Is it because they see more and more of them around? What do they actually know about the cars beyond the fact that they are sporty and fancy looking?

My husband, the biggest Tesla fan (& finally a Tesla owner!) that I’ve ever known, got our whole family into Tesla. He introduced a car game of counting Teslas while driving somewhere. Do you remember those games you played as a kid counting license plates from different states? Now, several years later, here we are driving around and counting Teslas! Our little girls (3 & 5 years old) absolutely love this game. We get in the car and the first thing we do after buckling into our seats is answer a question: “How many Teslas are we gonna see today?” It might get tricky sometimes, especially if you drive during rush hour or by Superchargers.

But it’s not just our kids who are into Tesla. Not at all. It seems to be extremely common for kids to be Tesla fans.

It’s been really interesting watching so many kids we see out in public getting excited every time they see a Tesla in a parking lot or on a street. There are a lot of kids that can even spot a Tesla from far away. Some of them can recognize the right model right away.

Our daughter started kindergarten this year, and we had a BMW i3 at the time. We could see from the first day how excited some kids from the safety patrol were whenever they got a chance to help their colleagues from a Tesla in the drop-off and pick-up line. They were cheering up and jumping with huge enthusiasm. It was really fun to watch. One or two of them got excited about our BMW i3.

As you probably know, we recently switched from the i3 to the Model 3. Since then, we’ve experienced the fun of sitting in a Tesla while getting our little one from school. The 5th graders who help open and close the car doors for the younger kids generally hope out loud (quite loudly) to get the Tesla in their spot. They get visibly excited when our Tesla, or someone else’s Tesla, rolls up in front of them. Every time I see that great excitement on their faces it makes me think, how is it even possible to be so crazy about a car??? It’s just a car, right? But it is the car, and more than a car to them. It is apparently about tech transition, what’s cool, and perhaps even what’s cleaner.

It’s really hilarious watching all of these kids, at all different ages, both girls and boys, looking for Teslas. I need to admit, it makes me really happy seeing this young generation being excited about electric cars, no matter what their inner reasons for that are. If we can get the kids interested in electric cars, in clean energy, and our environment, there is hope for a better future.

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