(Photo from Solaris)

Electric Bus Traction in Stockholm & Sicily Increase Exponentially With Bus Expert Solaris Supplying The…

Solaris, a Polish e-mobility leader in public transport, continues to make waves in the world of sustainable transportation with its latest orders from Sweden’s Nobina Stockholm and Italy’s AMTS Catania earlier this October. The new orders push Solaris, adding to its September orders supplying 23 electric buses to the town … [continued]

Now being tested on Swedish roads, the Scania hybrid truck with thin film solar panels mounted 60-foot trailer. (Photo supplied by Scania.)

Scania Tests Its First Solar-Powered Trucks, Sees The Technology To Grow

SCANIA recently began tests on a solar-powered truck, a 560-horsepower plug-in hybrid truck with 100 square meters of solar panels wrapping a trailer. This unique setup now being tested on public roads in Sweden is a result of a two-year research collaboration between Scania and industry and academic partners. The … [continued]

Taking Flight With The Candela C-8

Silence is golden. Noise makes our bodies tense up. It’s stressful. We value the lack of noise far more when coming from a loud environment into a quieter place. Going from the city into the countryside, we notice how peaceful things are. We breathe deeper and feel more connected with … [continued]