Gotland Sweden Backs “Noemi” Electric Seaplane for Zero-Emission Flights

Elfly Group, developers of the all-electric seaplane programme ‘Noemi’, (No Emissions) is pleased to announce a partnering with the government of Gotland, Sweden, to pursue its goal of zero-emission commercial flights to the island by 2027. Both parties recently signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to explore deeper collaboration. Located in … [continued]

Image from Polestar

Polestar Reduces Supply Chain Emissions through Integration of Renewable Fuels for Ocean Freight

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN — Polestar (Nasdaq: PSNY) is taking the next steps in reducing its supply chain emissions by integrating renewable fuels on its ocean freight routes, which account for around 75% of Polestar’s total transportation emissions. Polestar is now also operating its Vehicle Processing Centre (VPC) in Belgium on 100% … [continued]