Meet the Environmental Scientist Who Wants to Decolonize Conservation

Indigenous communities “are seen as research subjects rather than researchers.” Originally published on Nexus Media. By Kate Wheeling Jessica Hernandez found her way to conservation science and environmental justice through her grandmother — and her knowledge about the natural world, accumulated over generations. Maria de Jesus, a member of southern Mexico’s … [continued]

How To Bring Scientific Integrity Back To White House, USA

One thing I am particularly looking forward to is hearing more from experts and scientists so that we can usher in a new era of science-based policymaking. But before we get too excited about what those changes could be, there are some essential actions that the Biden administration must take to ensure that the scientists and their work will be protected over the next four years and beyond.

Annie Easley, The Rocket Scientist Who Worked At NASA Before It Was Even Called NASA

Annie Easley started out studying pharmacy at Xavier University in New Orleans, but when she married and moved to Cleveland, she discovered the university there had just closed its pharmacy program, and started looking for a different career. When an article in a Cleveland newspaper about twin sisters who worked as ‘human computers’ at the then-NACA caught her eye, she applied there, was hired and the rest is history.

Scientists Should Speak Out: New Research Shows Americans Trust Scientists Who Publicly Advocate For Climate…

Originally published on Nexus Media. By Jeremy Deaton Scientists have historically stayed above the political fray, but now that researchers face regular attacks under the Trump administration, many are planning to fight back. And it’s creating a rift within the scientific community. Some scientists believe their work should speak for … [continued]