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EV battery production. Image from SKODA.

European Made Batteries Could Be 60% Less Carbon Intensive Than Chinese — Analysis

But over half of Europe’s battery production plans are at risk without stronger government action. Onshoring the EV supply chain to Europe would cut the emissions of producing a battery by 37% compared to a China-controlled supply chain, according to new analysis by Transport & Environment (T&E). This carbon saving rises to … [continued]

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Truck Manufacturers A More Carbon Intensive Investment Than Oil, Steel Or Cars — Study

Investors ‘in for a shock’ as scope 3 disclosure requirements kick in next year with truckmaker emissions 50% higher than what they report to investors. The only sector T&E could find with an average carbon intensity higher than truckmakers is coal mining European truckmakers’ emissions are 50% higher than what … [continued]

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Flixtrain, Trainline, T&E Call For Reduced Rail Tolls To Help Make Train Travel More Accessible

T&E and a coalition of rail operators and ticket vendors call upon EU Member States to reduce rail tolls on night trains, cross-border trains and some passenger trains Travelling by rail instead of flying can decrease emissions by up to -97% on specific routes. Reducing flying and car use is … [continued]

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How Europe Can Use Tariffs As Part Of An Industrial Strategy

T&E’s paper looks at electric vehicle imports into Europe and what an effective response on both EVs and batteries might be. The sales of battery electric cars in Europe have been growing quickly, with 2 mln cars sold across Europe in 2023 alone. But given China’s edge in battery technology … [continued]

Xiaomi’s first electric car starts at 27,600 euros Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has launched its first electric car in China.

1 In 4 EVs Sold In Europe This Year Will Be Made In China

Analysis In the short run, tariffs can help EU carmakers — but they need to ramp up electrification to survive. Almost a fifth (19.5%) of electric vehicles sold in Europe last year were made in China and this is on track to reach a quarter (25%) in 2024, according to new … [continued]

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From Farm to Fuel: Inside Eni’s African Biofuels Gamble

An in-depth look behind the scenes of Eni’s new green strategy: developing new agricultural production channels from scratch in six African countries to supply its refineries and the emerging “green” aviation market. All against the backdrop of the Meloni government’s new influence strategy in Africa, the Mattei Plan, which gives … [continued]

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Uncovered: Italian Oil Giant’s African Biofuels Gamble Falls Short

Investigation into Eni’s projects in Kenya and the Republic of the Congo shows company is failing to produce “miracle” drought-resistant biofuels crops at scale. Italian oil giant Eni is failing to deliver on its promise to produce thousands of tonnes of biofuel crops¹, a new investigation shows. The investigation by … [continued]