Tongass National Forest (U.S. Forest Service)

Carbon Neutral or High Emitter? Canada & The Forest Carbon Loophole

Natural or anthropogenic? Canada’s GHG reporting approach claims GHG emissions from wildfires are natural, but GHG removals from forests at the age of “commercial maturity”, despite being primarily natural disturbance origin, are anthropogenic. Our new study published in Frontiers in Forests and Global Change and profiled by CBC shows how Canada’s official report on forest … [continued]

Source: Naomi Cole and Joe Wachunas based on pathways of decarbonization from the World Bank and images courtesy of Unsplash

Carbon Sequestration (For Dummies)

A number of organizations have charted a path to a decarbonized world by 2050 and broken down required action into four areas or “pathways.” In recent posts, we discussed the first three pathways — decarbonizing electricity, electrifying everything, and using energy efficiently. We also discussed how individuals can take part in, … [continued]