Fukushima unit 4 progress report: 10% complete on 1/14/2014.

Fukushima Fuel Transfer Reaches 10% Milestone

Fukushima nuclear power station as unit 4 operations commenced (screen shot from euronews broadcast, November 11, 2013.) TEPCO announced 10% completion of the spent fuel transfer this week. Tokyo Electric Power Company has reached a minor milestone in cleaning up the mess that started at its Fukushima nuclear power station … [continued]

Google Earth: Glowing Green Sea.. Near Scottish Nuclear Power Plant

It is the sort of headline that grabs your attention and suggests doom in the same year that one (of the many) Mayan Calendars is “doomed” to end. Deadline reports that a local pursuing their countryside on “Google Earth” suddenly noticed that the sea near the Hunterston B nuclear power plant, Ayrshire, Scotland was luminous green on Google Earth. Concerned they alerted officials to the glowing problem.

Yes, Cell Phones Are Bad for Your Child (Probably)

Studies, studies, and more studies have been done to research cell phone safety – do they cause brain tumors? The World Health Organization officially classified cell phones’ radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as cancer-causing (cue massive debate), not long after Dr. Devra Davis claimed that cell phones were especially dangerous to children. Dr. Davis may be right after all; new research published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine indicates that kids absorb more radiation than adults. This is, in a nutshell, bad.