The Fairway Bike (screenshot from Fairway Bikes website)

These 3-Wheeled E-Bikes Are Designed By & For Golfers

Fairway Bikes says its 3-wheeled e-bike is a “game-changer” for both golfers and golf courses, as it allows players to “Play faster, move freely, and get active” on the course, while also reducing turf impact and increasing profits due to the bikes’ “no-cost maintenance” when compared to traditional golf carts. … [continued]

AN.T. CARGO:4, image courtesy of AN.T. GmbH

This Heavy Duty E-Cargo Bike Has 2 Cubic Meters Of Payload Space & Can Haul…

Electric cargo bikes are evolving and improving rapidly these days, especially on the commercial and fleet side of things, where increased payload volume and carrying capacity are key, as well as stability, safety, and dependability for daily use. Many of these new ‘professional’ e-cargo bike platforms are coming out of … [continued]