Author: Arthur Frederick (Fritz) Hasler

My neighbor’s 2023 Tesla Model X. Lindon, Utah. December 17, 2023. Photo courtesy of owner.

EV Penetration in My Utah Neighborhood

Those of us who follow electric vehicle sales know that fully electric vehicles accounted for more than 80% of Norway’s auto sales in 2023, and that 100% electric vehicles already make up more than 24% of the total fleet there. We also know that in China, which has about half … [continued]

Figure 1: 40-station Tesla Supercharger in Baker, California. February 21, 2022. Photo by Fritz Hasler.

What You Need To Know About The US EV Charging Switch To Tesla’s NACS

Some months ago, I wrote an article about the surprise switch from CCS to NACS as the de facto standard for EV charging in North America. CCS charging won’t disappear, but Tesla has over 60% of the EVs on the road and now most manufacturers who were formerly committed to … [continued]

My wife and I taking delivery on our 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range in Salt Lake City, Utah. October 21, 2019.

4 Years & 110,000 Miles On My 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range, Where Do…

October 21 was the 4-year anniversary of our dual-motor Tesla Model 3 Long Range (see picture from our 2019 delivery day above). The odometer now reads: 110,860 miles. Please find below my comprehensive review. CleanTechnica Chief Editor Zach Shahan just reviewed his Tesla Model 3 SR+ for its 4th anniversary … [continued]