Climate Action & Your Portfolio: A Conversation About ESG Investment & Greenwashing With ETHO Capital

I’ve long been interested in climate action, and as I’ve become more interested in investing, I’ve become totally passionate about how to do sustainable investment RIGHT – or at least BETTER. In my last article about learning to invest sustainably, I wrote that it’s hard to find funds that truly align with my green sensibilities. But there is one that stood out for me, and in this interview with Amberjae Freeman from ETHO Capital, we dive into what ESG investing is, and what it ISN’T

Yes, The International Monetary Fund Is Waking Up To Financial Risks Of The Climate Crisis

It’s a sign of the times that even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is exploring ways in which it can help address the climate crisis. Building on two new IMF papers released last week and Managing Director Christine Lagarde’s eight years of leadership, this mainstay of traditional economic thought is lending its voice and unique mandate to the cause of tackling climate change.

How Cities Can Fund Their 100% Renewable Ambitions

We’re inspired by the passage of the Portland Clean Energy Initiative this week, a ballot measure that will now provide $30 million per year for the city’s clean energy and climate work. Even better, the funds will target local energy deployment that lifts up low-income folks and people of color with energy savings and solar energy, as well as jobs installing these cost-saving measures.

New Report Says Natural Capital Should Be Informing Financial Decision Making

Natural capital (clean air, oceans, ecosystems, and minerals on which our goods and services so often depend) is usually quite invisible in the financial decision making of leading companies in the corporate sector. It’s time for more financial institutions to change their perspectives about the importance of natural capital within their financial considerations.

COP21 BTDT: UN In Overtime Again This Year

Yes, an enormous cheer was to rock the world today, celebrating the unanimity of human will in our struggle with atmospheric carbon and its toxic accompaniments. Maybe tomorrow. Last night, COP21 President Laurent Fabius convened another overnight round of open-ended informal consultations (“Indaba of Solutions”) for parties to the convention to address the … [continued]

Hot-Button Issues In The Climate Talks

From the original blog of Dr. Timothy Cadman, Research Fellow at Griffith University Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law, Coffs Harbour Area, Australia.  … Sources have identified several key issues that have emerged in preliminary climate talks. Most governmental Parties to the Convention (155 so far) have now submitted their nationally determined contributions to reducing … [continued]