Author: Otto Gunderson

Electric bus charging depot: Photo provided by Highland Fleets

The Non-Passenger Side Of The EV Industry

As passenger electric vehicles and charging stations continue to enter the US mainstream, it is important to support the electrification of trucking, shipping, and large automobiles, which can play a significant role in decarbonizing the transportation sector. Large vehicle electrification has the potential to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality … [continued]

New blockchain technology will allow everyday investors to invest in projects such as this one. Photo provided by Plural Energy.

Blockchain’s Uses in Renewable Energy

Blockchain and renewable energy technologies have been two of the most discussed technological and economic advances in the recent years. However, until now there has not seemed to be much of a crossover. New uses for blockchain technology are allowing small-scale investment in renewable energy. Rather than limiting utility-scale wind … [continued]

Image courtesy of US DOE

Where Is Green Hydrogen Headed?

Green hydrogen has always struck me as one of the most difficult clean energy technologies to deploy in the transition away from fossil fuels. The creation of hydrogen molecules through electrolysis, and finding a way to transport this newly created product, struck me as incredibly difficult. Fortunately, the varied uses … [continued]

Newly manufactured turbines. Photo provided by Flower Turbines

Flower Turbines & The Potential Of Small-Scale Wind

When thinking of small-scale renewable energy solutions, particularly for off-grid projects, solar is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether a ground-mount or roof-mounted system, the availability, falling costs, and simplicity of the solution has thus far been attractive for customers. Wind, on the other hand, is often still … [continued]

EDP Renewables APAC 254.8MWp Solar Farm in Thuan Bac, Vietnam

The Fight Against Coal In Southeast Asia

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which accounts for almost a dozen countries, includes several of the fastest growing economies in the world. Unfortunately, much of the energy that is fueling this economic development is coming from oil, natural gas, and most concerningly, coal. Approximately 40% of the power … [continued]

Rooftop installation in Singapore. Photo provided by GetSolar

Singapore’s Unique Renewable Problems (& Solutions)

Singapore, with an energy matrix that is composed of 97% oil and gas, is in desperate need of renewable solutions. Unfortunately, due to its limitations as a city-state, Singapore has struggled to develop large scale renewable energy projects. The lack of available land for utility-scale wind and solar farms, along … [continued]