EV benefits

Credit: Wang et al. via PNAS Nexus

China’s Electric Car Emissions Reductions Increasing Rapidly Over Time

Chinese EVs achieve greater emissions reductions over time due to improved efficiency and a greener power grid, states a study. While over 10% of Chinese car sales are now electric, the entire life cycle of EVs still generates carbon emissions. Shaojun Zhang and colleagues conducted comprehensive “cradle-to-grave” assessments of EVs … [continued]

Image by Cynthia Shahan | CleanTechnica.

Survey Shows Pathway To Speeding Up EV Adoption In Rural Areas

Regardless of where we live, we should all have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits provided by electric vehicles. These benefits range from the reduced cost of operation, the reduced need for maintenance and the improved performance, to the fact that electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions. Everybody’s health stands … [continued]