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What’s in the EPA’s New Pollution Standards for Cars & Trucks?

Your questions on the EPA’s proposed emissions regulations, answered. Proposed: EPA Emission Regulations For Passenger Cars & Trucks This article is part of a series designed to explain in simple terms the definition of zero-emission transportation regulations, who must comply, what is required for compliance, and more. Transportation is the … [continued]

Featured image: A view of the Burning Man event from the International Space Station. Image by NASA ISS (Public Domain).

Did Gaia Punish Burning Man For Ignoring Climate Protests?

Climate protesters blockaded the road to Burning Man prior to the festival’s kickoff a week ago. Their objections have merit — Burning Man is pretty damn polluting. The festival, which happens in Pershing County, Nevada, every year in late summer, celebrates art and community living. The concept is great — … [continued]