Delorean Motor Cars (DMC)

DeLorean Reimagined

The DeLorean Motor Company is promising a premiere of their new electric concept car. Gas? Where we are going, we don’t need gas! Well, I took the liberty of swapping the word “roads” for “gas,” but with where we are in our transition to electric vehicles, this revised line from … [continued]

DeLorean DR7 Wants To Fly Us Back To The Future

Short of the revolutionary Burt Rotan wild aircraft designs, airplanes have changed little over the past decades. Winged-cylinder with a propulsion system is how we travel through the air. Unless you have the astronomical budget the military enjoys to design hypersonic aircraft, not for the general public, the choice is simple — airplanes or helicopters. Delorean Aerospace just announced that its DR7 should fly by the end of 2018. That would shake things up, but is it practical, viable, for real?