Born in a Flood: The Epic Story of the Controllable Grid Interface

NREL Researchers Celebrate 10 Years of Replicating Grid Events To Strengthen Renewable Energy Technologies In September 2013, a team of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) researchers, led by Vahan Gevorgian and Robb Wallen, faced a looming deadline. Not only did the brand-new 5-megawatt (MW) dynamometer need to be up and running, connected … [continued]

ABB E-mobility Terra 184 charger at Circle K in Wytheville, Virginia. Image provided by Circle K.

Fisker & Circle K Show Us That EV Charging & Battery Swapping Continue To Compete

Battery swapping and DC fast charging are two distinct methods for addressing the charging needs of electric vehicles (EVs). Each method has its own advantages, offering unique solutions to overcome challenges in the EV ecosystem. Battery swapping involves replacing an EV’s depleted battery with a fully charged one. This approach … [continued]