ABB E-mobility Terra 184 charger at Circle K in Wytheville, Virginia. Image provided by Circle K.

Fisker & Circle K Show Us That EV Charging & Battery Swapping Continue To Compete

Battery swapping and DC fast charging are two distinct methods for addressing the charging needs of electric vehicles (EVs). Each method has its own advantages, offering unique solutions to overcome challenges in the EV ecosystem. Battery swapping involves replacing an EV’s depleted battery with a fully charged one. This approach … [continued]

ABB & Formula E Go To Brazil (Video)

Promoting renewable energy in the Global South is essential, and for several important reasons. First, countries in the Global South are often highly reliant on fossil fuels for energy production, which contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that have harmful environmental and health impacts. By shifting to … [continued]

ABB Investment in EV Charger Manufacturing Will Help Drive US Adoption

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act both make transformational investments in the electrification of America’s transportation system, including personal vehicles, school buses, transit buses, commercial fleets and the building of a national network of public chargers.  These investments are key to achieving the vehicle electrification targets set by … [continued]